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2022-2024 Regional Committees


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Sangeya Wiggins Advisor Coordinators.jpg

Sangeya Wiggins, Co-Coordinator

Awards & Recognition

Awards and Recognition .jpg

Simone Haywood, Co-Coordinator 
Cathy Jo Walker Murray, Co-Coordinator *

Committee Members

RaMona Benson

Kimberly Bentley Walton

McKenzie Kelley *

Lynisha Oliver

Collegiate Connection

Collegiate Connection.jpg

Carla Hunter, Chair

Ja'Rae Loving, Co-Chair

Committee Members

Tiana Baker

Rhea Moore

Tia Stanford *

Cre'Sena Thomas

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

ERT 1.jpg

Marchell Jackson, Coordinator 

Committee Members

Sabrina Stewart-Thomas (IN Liaison)

Akayla Henson (Collegiate Member) *

D'Angela Pitts (MI Liaison)

Carrie Caples (KY Liaison)

Takesha Stokes (IL Liaison) *

Tiffane Smith (MN Liaison) *

Charla Martin-Bloodshaw (OH Liaison)

Cedar Davidson & Tiffany MacCoubrey (ON Liaison) *

Daphne Lewis (WI Liaison)

Carolyn Williams (WV Liaison)*

Arts & Letters

Arts and Letters.jpg

D'Sheadra Benford, Co-Coordinator
Tiffany Benberry, Co-Coordinator

Committee Members

Elizabeth Ball 

Joye Mosley

Tameka Taylor *

Chaplain's Council

Chaplains Council.jpg

Rev. R. Janae Pitts-Murdock, Chaplain

Council Members

Reverend Dr. Stephanie Burrage *

Dr. Heather Burton

Reverend Velva Flowers 

Evangelist Kellie Gage

Evangelist Dr. Kimberly McElroy-Jones

Mya Morris (Collegiate)

Reverend Melanie Nunn *

Michelle Peterson

Communications/Public Relations

Communications and PR.jpg

Collette Walton, Co-Coordinator 
Ra-Deon Sledge, Co-Coordinator 

Committee Members

Dominique McIntyre

Faune Neal-Evans *

Sara Lyons, Journalist *

Tamiria Perkins

Cyndi Polk

Heritage & Archives

Heritage and Archives.jpg

Paula Mitchell, Co-Coordinator 

Committee Members

Gwendolyn Buie

Briana Gossett

Pairlee Hunter


Valencia Wilson Investigations Coordinator.jpg

Valencia Wilson, Coordinator 

Membership Services/Reclamation & Retention

Membership Services Reclamation and Retention.jpg

Lisa Wilkinson, Co-Chair

Cheryl Hillman, Co-Chair*

Luevinus Muhammad, Co-Chair*

Committee Members

Tiffany Burris (IL Liaison) *

Quiona Stephens-Russell (IN Liaison) *

Kesha Richardson (KY Liaison)

Tracy Morton (MI Liaison) 

Melissa Walker (MN Liaison) *

Rochelle Hall Rollins (OH Liaison) 

Jacqueline Jones (ON Liaison)*

Anita Sparks (WI Liaison) *

Takira Williams (WV Liaison) *

Programming, Planning & Development


Theresa Lyons Flanders, Co-Coordinator 
Latoria Marcellus, Co-Coordinator

Committee Members

Kaitlyn Lance (Collegiate Member)

DeShelle Farver (Collegiate Member) *

Tanisha Brewer (IL Liaison) *

Yvonne Lucas (IN Liaison) 

Shonta Phelps (KY Liaison) *

Dr. Tara Walker (MI Liaison) 

Shirrie Jackson (MN Liaison) *

Tiffani Monford-Dent (OH Liaison) *

Dr. Michelle Foster (WV Liaison) 

Kimila Daniels (WI Liaison) *


Katherine Weathers Rehabilitation CoCoordinator.jpg

Katherine Weathers, Chair
Jacqueline Jackson, Co-Chair

Social Action

Social Action.jpg

Nikhol J. Atkins, Coordinator

Committee Members

Deneen Sanders (IL Liaison) *

Marcia Edmonds (IN Liaison) 

Rosalind Welch ( KY Liaison) *

Donyale Stephen-Atara (MI Liaison) 

Janeen Dednam-Wright (MN Liaison) *

Dr. Nicole Carter (OH Liaison)

Dr. Deidre Guyton (WV Liaison) *

Angela Arrington (WI Liaison) *

Leadership Midwest

Leadership Midwest.jpg

Dawn Offutt, Co-Coordinator 
Veronica Warren, Co-Coordinator

Committee Members

Charis Bly

Tracie Davis 

Shanta Mack *

Erica Parish *

LaTrece Thompson *

LaCema Womack


MI DID Liaisons and Coordinators.jpg

Dr. Beverly Frye, Co-Coordinator 
Jenita Moore, Co-Coordinator

Committee Members

Natalie Mason (IL Liaison)

Nicole Owens Wilson (KY Liaison)

Jacquelyn McClinton (MI Liaison)

Loralee Jordan (MN Liaison) *

Deborah Pickens (OH Liaison)

Dr. Cynthia Jones (WV Liaison) *

Protocol & Traditions

Janice L Wills Protocol and Traditions.jpg
Shanea Kelley Protocol and Traditions.jpg

Janice Willis, Co-Chair

Shenea Kelley, Co-Chair

Risk Management


Jessica Harps, Coordinator 

Special Projects/Region Initiatives

Updated special events.png

Kendrea Moorer, Co-Coordinator 

Committee Members

Lauren Collins *

Markita Hall 

Leah Holston

Dawn Moore *

Carolyn Sanders *



Alexis Morris, Co-Coordinator 
Ra-Deon Sledge, Co-Coordinator

Committee Members

Cynthia Glenn-Cotton *

Ieschia Hill 

Alexandria McCuien *

Toshua Williams

* Not Pictured

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